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We are specialized in polyester resin color bathroom accessories?Our products are widely spread in bathroom, decoration shops and supermarkets. We started to produce transparent poly resin 4 years ago and now produce stone look like poly resin, poly resin with all metal look like finish, poly resin with micro cement texture finishes, poly resin with granite look like and touch like finishes, as well as hand painted poly resin. Since last year, we have produced plastic accessories and some metal parts to go inside the accessories such as soap dispenser pumps, jets, and other metal parts of bathroom accessories and bathroom metal fittings. We are investing much resource in our in house designs every year and cooperate with some famous designers from Italy, Spain and Brazil. About 90% of our products are patented for the design or functionality.

Our factory is focusing on customer satisfaction. Our products are designed, developed, tested for easy and functional daily usage. We have TUV ISO9001:2008 certificate and work in the direction of making the job environment safer and more practical for the entire workforce. The success of our company is due to a high interaction of all production, design, testing and quality process departments. Everyday, many brainstorming meeting with people from all departments have contributed to a very low defect rate products. At present, above 98% products have perfect product quality in the production lines, and all the defect products have small imperfections that are reworked. At the end, we have less than 0.5% products that will be considered as not qualified and not been sold. Most of our products are handcrafted, which makes over 99% good quality products to be outstanding.


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